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Exhibition: The Dirty Show

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On February 6, 2015, I had the amazing experience of organizing 'The Dirty Show,' hosted by Twisted Studios Photography, LLC. My erotically charged artwork slid right onto the deep red walls in this centrally located, lush, fetish photography studio. The ironically quiet, intimate space also allowed the viewers to peek at my other artist friends' 'Dirty' artwork, including Peter T Oravetz, Linda Gonzalez, and Idella Spann. As the event itself was invitation only, the 'Dirty' artwork was also special and intimate. Not everyone got the pleasure of viewing what the artwork had to offer.

The show itself was inspired by the sexual experiences shared with me while working and running The Flying Saucer Cafe. Each piece is someone's story from the coffee shop. The environment of this inner city coffee shop had much energy from caffeine, politics from local characters, and porn. Mostly porn talk and the few sexting photos in between shots of exciting espresso. Each piece I completed has a main character along with a supporting cast. The names have been changed to protect those who lead a double life. Because I constructed these images, I found a new understanding of what sexual acceptance means.

Tall Tales, but mostly true: Coffee, Conversation and Pervs, life at a coffee shop.