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Gouache Figure Study

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There's few things that captivate me more than capturing the human figure. This is a small study with a live model in preparation for a larger painting. The quick sporadic line is all I can do to contain the energy in my sometimes Phantom hand, it want's to move as though it were playing a guitar solo.  

This small 4" x 6" gouache piece found a good home and now resides on a wall somewhere in New York City. 

Fu*@*!g Brad

IllustrationTroy MustoComment
8.5" x 11" Wax, ink, pencil on handmade paper. 

8.5" x 11" Wax, ink, pencil on handmade paper. 

Have you ever had someone come in and out of your life and it's to the point now where it's out? That's what was going through my mind while working on this one. It's not necessarily the person in question however the representation is close enough

Inspiring 'Through Line and Color'

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When viewing the nude artworks presented at this show, you’ll find that the lines and subtle blue and pink highlights invite your senses to appreciate their forms. Delightful hands and soft, curvy hips are sensual and bare. Constructing a figure with a few graphite lines and suggestions within a 15 second application process is consistent with romantic philosophy. This, along with the nude models, was my inspiration for Through Lines and Color.