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Exhibition: Through Line and Color

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 August 7-, 2015, I had the pleasure of showing artwork at PII Gallery in Philadelphia. Other artists I showed with included Emily Strange, Joanna Domanowska, and Ewa Zeller.

PII Gallery showcases art from around the world, more specifically from Eastern European and American contemporary art. The Gallery has developed a one of a kind reputation in Old City, Philadelphia showcasing international and local emerging artists, especially in the realms of textile design, printmaking, painting, sculpture and photography. With a new expanded annex in a centuries-old building, the Gallery serves a wide array of art lovers from many different cultures.

I knew Monica from the Flying Saucer Cafe, the coffee shop in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. My cafe was just a few short blocks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and seemed to fuel the atmosphere. I have a way of making the unfamiliar patron feel at home, and because my coffee was amazing and I contributed a relaxed environment, Monica and I would have enlivening conversations about art that some found quite controversial.

When viewing the nude artworks presented at this show, you'll find that the lines and subtle blue and pink highlights invite your senses to appreciate their forms. Delightful hands and soft, curvy hips are sensual and bare. As a main theme in this show, sexuality is to be taken and literally and metaphorically. As society continues to contribute to the evolution of what sexuality is, my intent with this artwork does the same. Being sexual (or not) and defining yourself through your gender in a sexual way (or not) can contribute to consciousness and self-awareness in all aspects of your life.