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figure painting


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I read this book a few years ago titled the Moral Landscape by author Sam Harris, In it he considers there to be a "hypothetical space representing human well being which encompasses all human experiences. The peaks of this landscape are the heights of prosperity, and the valleys represent the depths of human suffering". Ever since I read that it got me thinking about what that might look like visually. What would my own personal moral landscape look like, with it's own peaks and valleys, and how would it interact with those around me? 

This is an original oil painting on an Apollon Elephant birch panel.

Exhibition: Dirty Show

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Inspiring 'Through Line and Color'

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When viewing the nude artworks presented at this show, you’ll find that the lines and subtle blue and pink highlights invite your senses to appreciate their forms. Delightful hands and soft, curvy hips are sensual and bare. Constructing a figure with a few graphite lines and suggestions within a 15 second application process is consistent with romantic philosophy. This, along with the nude models, was my inspiration for Through Lines and Color.

PII Gallery?

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I knew Monika Malczewska from The Flying Saucer, the coffee shop I owned and operated in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. My cafe was just a few short blocks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art and seemed to fuel the atmosphere. I was able to make an unfamiliar patron feel at home because my coffee was amazing and I helped make a relaxed environment. Monika and I would have enlivening conversations about art and life, which some would find quite controversial.

We may look cool but be reassured this was one hot summer in the ‘City of Brotherly Love.’ I think she owes me an iced coffee..