Troy X. Musto

Living. Breathing. Making Art.

Curriculum Vitae

PREVIOUS EDUCATION —————————————————

Hussian College, School of Art, 1995-99

  • Awarded Associates Degree in Specialized Technology 
  • Dean’s list 5 semesters

Stockton University, 1993-94

  • Major of Study: Liberal Arts           

Cumberland County College, 1990-92

  • Major of Study: Liberal Arts

EXHIBITIONS AND PRESS -----------------------------------------

GRAPHIC DESIGN ———————————————————-

Electronic Ink, 1999-2002

  • User Interface Designer

Electronic Ink is a design consultancy that focuses on improving the way people interact with technology, environments and one another. In my time there, the company grew from six employees to forty employees with offices in Philadelphia, London, and Raleigh NC. Today they continue to help people interact intelligently with technology.

While there I worked with other graphic designers, project managers, software architects, human factors analysts, CEO’s attorneys, and marketing directors. In the beginning of my employment, I designed supportive aesthetics for existing clients in the pharmaceutical, banking and financial industries. Later, I began taking a greater role in projects by leading the design process through each step to a final, deliverable product. Towards the end og my employment, I specialized in the production of dynamic interactive sales presentations by utilizing the latest technology of the time.

As an employee at Electronic Ink, my responsibilities included:

  • Identifying and solving challenging business and user experiences
  • Designing user models, work-flow diagrams, wireframes, prototypes, interaction models, visual mock-ups as well as final aesthetics
  • Presenting any research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed designs, and design rationales to clients
  • Working with an interdisciplinary team that included various level graphic designers, project managers, software architects, marketing professionals, and executive leadership

Advanced Typography & Graphics

  • Graphic Design Intern 1996-99
  • Freelance Graphic Designer 2003-06

As an intern,  I worked almost exclusively in Photo Shop by scanning thousands of photographs, touching them up, and preparing them for both web and print production. As a graphic designer, I designed and built small websites that had a tight timeline and an even tighter budget. I worked very closely with the client to meet their needs and surpass their expectations. This was especially challenging  compared to Electronic Ink. This made me a fast designer who had great ideas, and contributed to my understanding that sometimes a small budget needs the really big ideas in order to make it work.

ART INSTRUCTION ———————————————————

The University of the Arts, 2002-05

  •  Intermediate Instructor, Continuing Education Department
  • The first year of my employment with University of the Arts, I served as a substitute instructor and taught Intro to Web Design. No longer a substitute instructor in my second year, I taught Intro to Macromedia Flash. Finally as an intermediate Flash instructor, I taught Intro to Adobe Photoshop.

Hussian College, School of Art, 2002-03

  • Instructor
  • Based on my skills, work experience and ability to teach, I was asked to return to Hussian and teach the following classes:
    • Intro to Quark Xpress
    • Intro to Macromedia Flash
    • Intro to Adobe Photo Shop

Moore College of Art & Design, Fall 2003

  • Substitute Instructor
  • A former colleague trusted my design abilities and asked me to substitute for her freshmen typography class periodically.  

Organizer and Moderator of Life Drawing Classes:

  • Drink & Draw, 3rd Ward, 4th and Girard Ave, Philadelphia 2013-14
  • Erotic Life Drawing Class, North Star Bar, 27th and Poplar, Philadelphia 2011-12
  • Coffee Drink & Draw, Flying Saucer, 26th and Brown, Philadelphia 2007-08

Private Art Lessons  — Port Royal, SC  2010-11

FREELANCE ARTWORK ————————————————–

I have experience selling commissioned visual artworks since 2010.

The Flying Saucer Cafe2005-10

  • Owner, Operator and Barista
  • The Flying Saucer was a way for me to create a sustainable source of income so that I would be able to pursue my love of painting. My business partner and I sold the business in 2010.

Freelance Graphic Designer, 2003-06

  • Provided Web design, development, and online marketing services to select regional clients. The majority of my freelance work was web based.  
    • SEPTA — public transit authority for the City of Philadelphia
    • Palette Restaurant 
    • Eviama Spa — website has since been updated
    • Online gaming and casino — designed and built flash game

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