Troy X. Musto

Living. Breathing. Making Art.

Dirty Art Show

On first Friday of February 2015, I had the amazing experience of organizing ‘The Dirty Show,’ hosted by Twisted Photography Studios, LLC. My erotically charged artwork slid right onto the deep red walls in this centrally located, lush, fetish photography studio. The ironically quiet, intimate space also allowed the viewers to peek at my other artist friends’ ‘Dirty’ artwork, including Peter T OravetzLinda Gonzalez, and Idella Spann. As the event itself was invitation only, the ‘Dirty’ artwork was also special and intimate.

The show itself was inspired by the sexual experiences shared with me while working and running The Flying Saucer Cafe. Each piece is someone’s story from the coffee shop. The environment of this inner city coffee shop had much energy from caffeine, politics from local characters, and porn. Mostly porn talk and the few sexting photos in between shots of exciting espresso. Each piece I completed has a main character along with a supporting cast. The names have been changed to protect those who lead a double life. Because I constructed these images, I found a new understanding of what sexual acceptance means.

Tall tales, but mostly true: coffee, conversation and pervs, life at a coffee shop.

Sheena series captures the hesitation felt when exploring new territory of personal intimacy. Raw beauty exists when the unknown creates fear, and trust overcomes that fear. This beauty is momentary, and is equally caught within a few seconds of application by brush or pen. A timeless sigh of relief follows these brief moments, allowing other pleasurable thoughts and lines to fill an empty canvas. A safe, protected relationship built on trust creates a framework in which to explore sexual fantasy without retribution.

She is living a pleasurable life while lounging on the most luxurious of quilts woven together with the fantasy of the moment. Jewels and elaborate line work highlight the beautiful intricacies of her most intimate self. Oftentimes, I’ve pondered the visual representation of  my friends’ sexuality. I would suggest for my friends to remain free of all heternormative ideas while exploring and relaxing in a patchwork of sexual fantasy.



‘W4mm: I Can Host’ is named after internet acronyms typically used on Craigs List personal ads. Another story where a girl from the coffee shop posted this ad.  Water flows between the two male lovers as they gently touch one another, expressing a friendship rich in exploration. The girl below admires their relationship as she gets whisked away with the moment.