Troy X. Musto

Living. Breathing. Making Art.

About the Flying Saucer Cafe

The Flying Saucer was a small, independently owned and operated coffee shop in Art Museum area of Philadelphia, PA. It was located in a resdiential neighborhood just a few blocks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a short walk from Boathouse Row. Hit the Lights, LLC was the legal entity for the Flying Saucer and was owned solely by Troy Musto. His personal business partner, Elizabeth Bayne Musto, acts on his behalf. They both share a common interest.

In 2010, in the best interest of Troy and Elizabeth, the Flying Saucer was sold and remodeled. At the time it continued doing business under the same name and with different owners, however was closed finally in 2016. Today, the same space is being used as a coffee/tea shop.


In the sping of 2006 Troy officially entered the coffee world with a few friends of his. They all worked really hard, made lots of coffee, and have lots of fun. Unfortunately like many friends who go into business together, their differences gave way, and each went on to success in very different arenas.

Troy stayed with the Crooked Frame, but decided that without his friends involved it was starting to transform into something quite different. What started out as a cute little boutique that served coffee was transforming into an actual coffee shop, where all types of people were sitting down, talking, and getting to know their neighbors. So after some time and being thoroughly convinced that some of his customers were from another planet, and that was definitely not a boutique anymore, change the name to The Flying Saucer made perfect sense. Troy would then become captain!

The coffee shop brought together a community where everyone knows one another, and generally likes one another too! There was a renewed sense of community among many of its residents; many of which are transplants from other cities. It served the neighborhoos in many more ways than just pouring coffee. There were Civic Association meetings, Womens Groups, Foreign Language and Cultural Organizations, Toy Drives, Canned Food Drives, Soldiers at War Support Drives, movie groups, live music, fine art, performance art, and lets not forget The Mystery School, a UFO research and discussion group! All this happened regularly and was part of the fiber of what The Flying Saucer was all about.